Sticky Toffee Traybake

Sticky Toffee Tray Bake

Sticky Toffee Tray Bake

This is a recipe from the latest Great British Bake Off book – How to Turn Everyday Bakes into Showstoppers.  The recipe is very similar to one that I use for sticky toffee pudding and the method results in a delicate cake .  On this occasion I chose not to ice it; I wanted to make it slightly healthier for the kids lunch boxes and the icing was quite rich.  It is lovely with the icing though.

2012-12-09 16.43.21

First stoned dates are chopped then put into a pan with bicarbonate of soda and boiling water.  Simmer for a minute and then leave to cool.  I used a mixture of whole dates and some pre-chopped dates as this was what I had in the cupboard – I just tipped them all into the pan and then snipped the whole ones into smaller pieces with some scissors.

2012-12-09 16.56.22

Whilst the dates are cooling cream together some light brown muscovado sugar and butter then beat in some eggs and vanilla extract.

2012-12-09 17.01.40

Fold in some self-raising flour to make quite a stiff batter.

2012-12-09 17.03.38

And finally stir in the dates along with their water.  The final batter is quite runny.  Pour it into a baking tray and bake until springy to the touch.

2012-12-09 17.35.02

The cake needs to cool slightly in the tin before turning out as it is quite delicate.

On another note I am really pleased with my new Silverwood Eyecatcher brownie pan.  I bought it with some money I got for my birthday and it seems to help cakes cook evenly and I love the square corners so all the pieces of cake look the same!


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